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PLAIN TEXT the language of *NIX

Post first published in nixtip

Let’s face it, one of the main task of the IT administrator could possibly be text processing.

Why? Because text is everywhere, computer systems speak text in three different languages STDOUT, STDERR and STDIN.

We need to develop our skills to create log files miners, to adapt the ugly output of a program to meet our needs, etc…

Fortunately *nix offer may options to get our goals, so we have to try many tools until we find the one we get comfortable with.

Usually there’s nothing wrong with that, nowadays, most times, the power of the machines allow us to use the tool we want focusing on the results.

But… what happens when we have to process a 4 GBs file, or many files on production systems ?

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

You can use this shell script to create the sample text file:

$ i=1
$ while (( i<=10000000 )); do echo "Line: $i"; (( i += 1 )); done>dummy.txt

NOTE: the weight of the should be around 130 MB.

Now we have a 10 million lines flat text file.

Our task is simple, extract the line number 5000000

Let’s bench a bunch of common ways:

$ time -p sed -n '5000000p' dummy.txt
Line: 5000000
real 1.12
user 1.06
sys 0.06
$ time -p awk 'NR==5000000{print;exit}' dummy.txt
Line: 5000000
real 1.09
user 1.05
sys 0.03
$ time -p perl -ne '$. == 5000000 && {print and exit}' dummy.txt
Line: 5000000
real 1.78
user 1.73
sys 0.04
$ time -p head -5000000 dummy.txt >dummy.txt.2
real 0.28
user 0.07
sys 0.20

$ time -p tail -1 dummy.txt.2
Line: 5000000
real 0.00
user 0.00
sys 0.00
$ time -p (head -5000000 dummy.txt |tail -1)
Line: 5000000
real 0.16
user 0.21
sys 0.10

The processing times are quite similar, but if you don’t use the right logic …

$ time -p perl -ne '$. == 5000000 && print' dummy.txt
Line: 5000000
real 3.54
user 3.48
sys 0.06
$ time -p awk 'NR==5000000' dummy.txt
Line: 5000000
real 2.19
user 2.14
sys 0.05

We get a double time here! (no exit after found the line)

Conclusion: Don’t care too much about the tool, care about your programming skills or be ready to waste precious computing time.

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